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Oils for Plenty of Challenges

Imagine that you wake up one morning in the most excruciating pain. You try to get out of the bed and, well, when you are unable to get out of the bed; you instantly realize that this is the worst moment of your life because you are almost paralyzed. Well, that is exactly what happened to our founder, Jacquelyn, in March of 2010. From that experience and one following 6 years later, in December 2016, the family of pain oils was born. Who would have thought that an "undiagnosable" condition would bring forth such a great family of oil blends and such a great opportunity for us to learn about plant-based, Ayurvedic remedies, and share our findings, through product development, with you.

Welcome to the world of oils that may change your life with just one use. These oils will offer help, without the worries associated with prescription medications. Experience the oils that literally changed Jacquelyn's life, when the doctors couldn't offer anything whose side effects weren't the problems she was already experiencing.

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