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Bath & Skin

Very proud of time and effort we spend to create each of our products, we decided to share a little bit of the process with you. All of our products were born because of need. We realized that there is need for fragrance-free, sensitive skin friendly, and plant-based products. It is because of those three needs that our bath and skin essential collections were brought forth. After doing research on the causes of various skin issues, we realized that many of them are made worse because of artificial ingredients. It is our promise that no products found on this page will have artificial colorants or lab-produced fragrances. Each of our products contains ingredients sourced directly from the earth. Directly from the earth comes our: essential oils, clays, colorants, oils and butters. We are dedicated to ensuring that our products help you overcome your challenges not add to them. Whether you're looking for skin products or bath products, we have just the item for you.

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