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Better Than Before Brands is a company that was birthed from my challenges in life. Some years back, I was confronted with one of the biggest challenges in life. I was admitted to the hospital and was given an idiopathic diagnosis. The doctor's couldn't tell me what was happening, why it was happening, or when it would stop happening. As a matter of fact, my favorite neurologist, of my three, a doctor from Duke University, said in so many words, that he'd never seen anything like, didn't think he'd see it again, and hoped to be able to help me before it claimed my life. I never expected to hear anything like that at the 22 years old. I was in the prime of my life, chasing my career and educational goals, and months away from another milestone, graduating with a bachelor’s of science in chemistry. 


Many of the symptoms I experienced were not able to be addressed through conventional medicine. I was afraid to take many of the medications, because the doctors were throwing darts at a dartboard, in the dark. If they missed, I was the one who would pay. After many trips to the doctors' offices and a research hospital, reading the side effects and knowing that there were already present WITHOUT the pills, and being "depressed" I gave up. I didn't give up on myself, I gave up on conventional treatments for whatever was wreaking havoc in my life. It wasn't until I decide that I’d had enough of trying this pill, that procedure, this test and the other but instead that I would try this herb, that tea, this exercise, this essential oil and the other natural remedy that things started to change. I believe it is because of natural remedies that I am symptom-free and, when not symptom-free, experience less intense symptoms. 


Attributing improvements in my health and the health of others to natural remedies, it is with great pleasure that I introduce, to you, Better Than Before Brands.

Owner & Founder

Jacquelyn Singletary

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