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Oil Blends for

Life's Challenges

Essential oils are oils that are extracted, by various means, from plants. These oils are potent and volatile. The difference between fragrance oils and essential oils is that fragrance oils are produce in a laboratory and then massed produced. Due to their laboratory production, scent color, even price is fairly steady. Essential oils scent strength and oil color is dependent on the plant, time of year the plant was harvested and various other factors. For these reasons, sometimes, you will find that the aromatherapy essential oil you purchased might be have change in fragrance strength than the one you previously ordered.  
Essential oils are a great way to address everyday challenges. They can be used as a topical treatment, internal treatment, and are even used for aromatherapy. The oils sold by Better Than Before Brands are those that are intended for topical and aromatherapy treatments. Please ensure that you read the ingredients for each oil blends before purchasing.
On our topical oil page, you will find various essential oil blends named for the challenges they address. Our very first essential oils blend is named “The Elixir”. It acts as a nerve blocker and was developed by our founder, Jacquelyn, as a result of severe recurring migraines. She developed it after receiving a nerve block due to no relief from a two-week long migraine coupled with another neurological event, which resulted in a three day stay in the hospital. The neurologist delivering the nerve block was unable to say how long the medication would last, as some of his patients came to see him bi-weekly and others semi-annually.
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