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This cream was blended with the idea that "less is more". This is a whipped product that is noted to have many healing effects. The cream is mainly about citrus notes but also incorporates a few floral notes. Most would believe, due to the floral notes, that the cream is for women. However, you'd be surprise just how many men appreciate the lifting tones of this vitamin packed cream.

This Blend Body Butter

PriceFrom $6.25

Holiday Site Wide

  • If you are unsatisfied with this product, contact us via email, within 7 days of receipt of product. Include the date of receipt for the product, the product name and size, as well as the reason for dissatifaction. Please allow 3 business days for a reply and a suggested resolution.

  • This product contains glycerin, shea and mango butters, coconut and almond oils, Carnauba wax, distilled water and essential oils of: Geranium, Grapefruit, Lemon, Orange, and Patchouli.

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